Menopause Care

Access a menopause doctor that understands in the heart of Wimbledon

Half of all women in the UK suffer health issues when going into the menopause. But access to care whether medical or emotional can be limited. Two-thirds of UK women experiencing menopause feel they lack support and understanding.
We can help to change that.

Dr Naomi Potter, co-author of “Menopausing” with Davina McCall, has created Menopause Care, a menopause clinic with a team of top menopause experts from across the UK where women get the right treatment — and the right care, too. They work diligently and with empathy to help manage menopause through evidence-based treatments and holistic care.

Empathetic and collaborative

Everyone on the team is brought on board not only for their expertise, but for their kindness, understanding and ability to listen. We give time and attention to discuss options in a warm, sensitive and supportive environment.

Our team members Dr Mayura Mahadevan and Dr Wai Tse Cheng are available for in-person consultations at our Wimbledon clinic based at Osteoperformance.

Our Menopause Practitioners

To book an appointment please contact: