David came to me through a friend. I suffered a partial rupture of my Achilles tendon last year and started consulting with a physio. Surgery was not required. However, after a few sessions I was still in pain and could not even jog for 10 yards. I was slightly sceptical about meeting David as I was not familiar with his technique, or gift rather. He explained the process to me calmly and precisely and proceeded with treating my Achilles. I felt the heat over my ankle right away and felt some waves lengths. He focused on it for 20 minutes. I did not think much of it when I left the session. In the evening, I went for my active walk by the river, and decided to jog to see how my tendon felt. I jogged for 40′ without pain. The next session at the physio was pain free, and even my fatigue level dropped. I keep strengthening my tendon, and the pain has gone.