The Impacts of Inactivity

As a society, we are not doing enough exercise.

At the height of the digital era where data gadgets such as the FitBit watch or else are prime, we are bombarded by millions of messages about the benefits of exercising.

Still the majority of us would not exercise on a regular basis. Even going for a 20 minutes walk is sometimes too much for some of the severe chronic sufferers.

So how about talking about the consequences of inactivity? Would that have a better impact?

Here are a few facts that you might like to know (courtesy of J.Lewis, 2017):

  • Inactivity (eg resting at home) is associated with atrophy and a loss of muscle strength at a rate of 12% a week
  • After 3 to 5 weeks of bed-rest, almost 50% of the muscle strength is lost. (Jiricka, 2008)
  • Disuse weakness is reversed at a rate of 6% per week with exercise (Digum, 2009)
  • One week of bed rest in healthy men equals to 1.4kg loss of total muscle mass (incl. 3.2% decrease in quadriceps. (Dirks et al, 2015)
  • Studies demonstrated even more significant loss in older people. (Kortbein et al, 2008).

While in some situation rest is beneficial, movement is life! So as you might say is: Use it or lose it!