Pregnancy: First Trimester

What is changing for the mum to be

With the exiting news that you are expecting your first /another child come the surprising first changes in your body. Your breast become tender and your nipple might darken. You experience some extreme feeling of fatigue, headaches, cramps and unexpected mood swings. Some spotting as well as some thin milky white discharge might happen and is common in the first weeks of pregnancy.

Then from week 5 to 6 comes the morning sickness which is probably one of the most popular symptoms that pregnant women will experience (up to 80% of them!). From mild and intermittent feelings of nausea to more severe presentation such as hyperemesis gravidarum (affecting only 1% of the pregnant population), it can be challenging for the Mum-to-be to carry on her daily routine. Fresh ginger drinks (hot or cold, with or without lemon) have been proven to be beneficial against nausea. But if the symptoms remain severe and permanent (i.e. a constant feel of dehydration or feeling abnormally tired), you will need to consult your GP for further advice. In most cases, those symptoms will disappear by week 16.

Mechanical changes will already occur in the pelvis, leading to some discomfort in the lower back. This is simply due to the bottom of your spine, called the Sacrum, tilting forward as the uterus size double during the first trimester. Gentle exercises such as walking, and swimming are great to relieve some of those aches!

Osteopathy can also be a great helper to tackle those first aches and pains. By using gentle techniques such as Cranial Osteopathy, mobilisation of the spine and soft massages, the Osteopath restore the balance throughout the body which enable you to carry on enjoying your pregnancy!

Is Osteopathy safe during Pregnancy?

Osteopaths are highly skilled and undergo a minimum of 4 years training. Gentle osteopathic techniques are perfectly safe at all stages of pregnancy. The cranial osteopathic approach is a particularly gentle way of working with the body’s own natural mechanism for releasing and re-balancing tensions, without force.

£75 for a one-hour treatment