Benefits of Osteopathy during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a unique and powerful experience. Vast musculoskeletal, hormonal and emotional changes will take place in  your body over a relatively short space of time.

Up to 66% of pregnant women experience some back pain. Many causes are well established facts:

  • considerable postural changes are necessary to accommodate the increasing size and weight of the baby;
  • the rising level of the hormones elastin which increases the ligaments laxity to accommodate the changes often leads to unstable joints and new pain;
  • poor support from the abdominal muscles develop as they stretch and weaken;
  • increase of the size of the breast also create some aches and pains.

Osteopathy can help you with all these discomforts directly associated with the new demands of your body during pregnancy. But it can also offer you more!

Preparation for labour

It is important to note that any pre-existing back problems or strains from past trauma (accidents,  or falls for example) leaves some legacy in the body that might manifest itself during the pregnancy as changes take place.

If untreated, these underlying  strains  might lead not only  to further  musculoskeletal problems –especially around the pelvis region – but they might also have an influence on the quality of the labour and delivery as any restrictions identified in the pelvis area  can limit the ability of the bones to separate and move out during the labour.

By addressing these areas of dysfunction, the osteopath will ensure to optimise the space where the baby grows and consequently encourage it to lie correctly and move into a better position.

That is why when you come and consult an osteopath, the latter will always ensure to evaluate the mother’s pelvis and will aim to re-establish a better balance to allow an optimised passage of the baby through the birth canal.

Is Osteopathy safe during Pregnancy?

Osteopaths are highly skilled and undergo a minimum of 4 years training. Gentle osteopathic techniques are perfectly safe at all stages of pregnancy. The cranial osteopathic approach is a particularly gentle way of working with the body’s own natural mechanism for releasing and re-balancing tensions, without force.

£75 for a one-hour treatment